Jared and Kelsey have worked hard to build a coalition. They have a strong alliance in the unknown territories. The time has come to take a freighter filled with desperately needed technology. Just before it is time for the attack, Captain Breckenridge comes through the one way wormhole. Jared is no longer the senior fleet officer in this sector of space, and the new commander has his own way of doing things.

As the disasters pile up, Kelsey and Jared fight desperately to get on the same page with Breckenridge. The consequences are more dire than the Captain’s fragile ego. An error here could spell disaster for their new found allies. If their new allies fall, it will only be a matter of time before the Rebel Empire finds their home.

Terry Mixon dazzles us with his continuing Empire of Bones saga. More secrets of the Old Empire are revealed, and more hints about how it fell come to light. A wonderful story for space opera fans.

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