Making Lemonade

Jared and Kelsey have made new friends and enemies. Their friends are helping them come to grips with all of the new technology the Old Empire left behind. A lot of that technology is now inside Princess Kelsey. She’s learning to deal with it, but it’s a struggle. An expensive struggle, since she keeps breaking things. Their new enemies are plotting against their new friends.

A mission to a nearby star system may be just what they need. They control the skies, but until they control the planet, the Rebel Empire can still hurt them. Things come apart when their new enemies make their move. It will be up to Kelsey and Jared to stop them before their new found friends come to an untimely end.

Terry Mixon delivers the next episode in his Empire of Bones series. Jared and Kelsey grow and change in this book as they come to grips with their new reality. The galaxy will need them at their best, because the enemy isn’t idle.

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