The Empire will Fall

Hari Sheldon has uncovered a dangerous secret. The might Empire that has united the galaxy and brought peace for thousands of years is coming to an end. Obviously, the Empire wants Hari to keep his mouth shut. He will, but for a price, they must give him a planet on the edge of everything. Here he will conduct a social experiment. A Foundation. Nothing can stop the Empire from falling, but maybe, just maybe, they might be able to turn 30,000 years of anarchy into only a thousand.

That plan comes falls apart when the Foundation’s neighbors come calling. The Empire losing its grip on the outlying systems. To those governments, the knowledgeable and undefended Foundation, is too tempting a prize to pass up. After all, what can a bunch of scientists do against a might space navy.

Issac Azimov spins an interesting tale of a future where a false sense of security could lead to destruction. One genius has all the answers, or does he. What can he really know about a future long after he’s dead? An excellent story and a must read for science fiction fans everywhere.

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