That’s Just Witchy

A Life in Shadows is a collection of short stories set in the Good Intentions universe. As the name suggests, a lot of the stories revolve around our favorite lesbian witches Onyx and Molly. It offers an intriguing look at Molly’s mentor, and what happened when she died. In another story, Molly has an uncle who’s a cop. We met him briefly in Natural Consequences. When he has a really bad day, Molly and Onyx step in to help him out… with disastrous results. One story explores what would happen if a demon’s soul got trapped in a good person. How would it affect them? Would the angels help? The last story brings us back to Alex. Lorelei has uncovered a den of demons. She can’t go to Rachel with the information, so she enlists Alex to investigate further. It’s a simple recon mission. What could go wrong?

Elliott Kay brings us back to his urban fantasy world of angels, demons, and sex. This is a fun set of stories with lots of action. One down side is that we have another situation, where Lorelei unintentionally gets Alex into hot water. This is a reoccurring theme in all of the books in the Good Intention series, and I’d like to see Elliott get away from this. Otherwise, it’s the wonderful characters we know and love, getting into trouble and finding a way out again. Lots of adventure and page turning excitement.

#bookreview #fantasy #urbanfantasy #erotica #elliottkay


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