Put a Ring on It

Louis Wu is bored. If you’ve lived for two hundred years, you might get bored, too. However, and alien has just approached him with a job offer. Join a select crew and travel two hundred light years into unexplored space. There is an impossibly large object out there, and we don’t know what it is.

Each crew member brings a unique skill. The leader comes from a race known for their guile. A kzin, a race of large humanoid cats known for their ferocious ways. Louis Wu, a human known for his survival skills. The last crew is another human. One chosen because she is… lucky? Together they’ll travel to the edge of civilized space to uncover the secrets of the Ringworld.

Larry Niven tells a story about four people so at odds with each other, it seems impossible that they should get along at all. Unfortunately, they’ll need each other if they are to survive. The world they find is nothing like what they expected. As the crew suffers one calamity after another, Louis Wu will have to use all his wits to find a way out. It seems that it is much easier to get to the Ringworld than get back off of it alive.

#spaceopera  #larryniven #bookreview #scifi #sciencefiction


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