Behind the Mask

Ian Black has many responsibilities. Saving the earth is foremost among them. The path has been painful. He’s lost friends and found that people he trusted had betrayed him. As Ian races around the Earth to avert a series of disasters, he is become more distant from his best friend and the woman he loves. What he needs are allies as strong as he is.

Jerrod has been fighting a guerilla battle from inside the ranks of the Weir. Their latest attack, a serum that will kill any of the Pur exposed to it. It’s war and sacrifices must be made. When the life of a little boy becomes the next target, Jerrod will need to take drastic measures to protect the Earth. His choices will put him at odds with Ian. Two of Earth’s champions could be pitted against each other, when they should be working together.

Masks and Mirrors is the exciting sequel to Fade to Black. Sue Duff continues her story of the magic wielding Weir as they struggle to control the Earth. One side fighting to preserve our future, the other on a mad quest for power. A fun read and an attractive story for sci-fi and urban fantasy readers alike.

#scifi #sciencefiction #fantasy #urbanfantasy #sueduff


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