The price of victory is paid in blood

The war that started in Off Armageddon Reef is drawing to a close. The Church of God Awaiting’s attempt to destroy the tiny island nation of Charis has proven to be a disaster. Along the way Charis has defeated mighty foes against impossible odds. Along the way, they’ve acquired new allies and new technologies. As the church has lost more and more ground, they’ve become more brutal. People long loyal to the church have died under the direction of the very church they’ve supported.

As the war winds down, it becomes a bitter battle of numbers. Massive armies using civil war level technology grind each other into a bloody pulp. Unknown to the evil church, the enemy has a powerful ally. The cybernetic avatar of a long dead hero. Inside her electric brain, she carries knowledge that could destroy the church. Everything they believe is a lie. Humans once lived among the stars and the anti-technology holy commandments are meant to protect their last colony from a vicious alien enemy.

David Weber continues his epic saga. A enthralling mix of science fiction and fantasy. A technologically depressed world in the far future. Merlin Athrawes and his quest to bring humanity back from the brink of extinction. David tells an involved and politically savvy story about medieval kingdoms. Some will say that he gets too into the minutia, but he keeps readers involved and coming back for more.

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