The lure of buried treasure

When Remy picks up a book for Sam at a rare books store, she is unprepared for what follows. The book store owner dies the next day and their hotel room is ransacked. Questions arise. What’s so special about a cheap copy of a hard to find book on pirates? As the bodies start piling up, Sam and Remy are determined to get to the bottom of it.

Unfortunately, gunmen beat our favorite husband and wife team to every clue. That leads Sam and Remy to a hard to stomach conclusion. Someone on their team is leaking information to the enemy. Who is it? Why are they doing it? The answers lead them on a globetrotting adventure. One step behind a desperate millionaire with a billion reasons to want Sam and Remy dead.

Those who have read my reviews know that I am a big fan of Clive Cussler. Clive and Robin Burcell weave a pretty good story here, but there are some glaring plot holes in the early chapters. It goes against the tight style that I have come to expect of Clive Cussler collaborations, and took me out of the story. Um, wait, the Sam and Remy Fargo you’ve built up in prior adventures would never fall for so something so obvious. Fortunately, if you can get past the early plot holes, the rest of the book is well put together.

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