Launch Day! Get your copy of MisSpelled now!

Pi smirked and looked the sword up and down.

Daric snorted with derision and waved his sword back and forth in front of Pi. “Still defiant. How about I bob those ears of yours? Let’s see how smug you are after you can’t go out in public ever again.”

He swung.

Pi caught the blade in her tiny hand.

Daric’s face twisted in confusion as he realized Pi was completely undamaged by the blade.

Pi shifted into dragon form, yanked the sword from Daric’s grip, and snapped it in half.

The elf didn’t move, stunned by the sudden appearance of the pony-sized dragon.

Dragon Pi grabbed the breastplate of Daric’s armor and, using her claws, neatly sliced through the leather straps holding it in place and pulled it off him. The backplate clattered to the ground. Pi twisted the breastplate this way and that, looking at it critically. Then she gave a draconic shrug as she crushed it into a volleyball-sized hunk of metal, then tossed it over his right shoulder into the woods.

The elf noble sank to his knees and swallowed. “Dragon?”

Pi grinned, “Dragon.”


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