Mis-Spelled Excerpt

“You can do it, Evan! Split her head open,” cried Gemma.
I kept my eye on Sina’s hands and feet to better predict her movements. “You know she’s won every bout this afternoon, right?”
“The winds are totally shifting in your favor. I can feel it,” Gemma said with a grin.
“You’re pretty good, Evan,” Sina said through breaths. At least I was giving her a workout. “You’re tricky when you feint at hitting my hand, then go for my shoulder.”
“What can I say?” I gave her a wink. “I’m a cut above the rest.”
I got my first touch when she groaned theatrically.
“Oh, so that’s how it’s going to be,” she scolded.
“Got to get my point across any way I can.” I gave her a cheesy grin.
She shook her blade at me. “Okay, you’re done.”
With a dramatic sweep of my arm, I sheathed my sword. “And with that, I blade you goodnight.”

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