Excerpt from Fairy Farts:

Geezer covered his nose and mouth and turned as green as the cloud. “I take it back. Way worse than turd balls.” He stepped to the table and nudged Blueberry with a finger. The sprite moaned but didn’t seem like it was about to die. “Who’s the crusty butt nugget now Blueberry? You winged dickless bastard, serves you right for putting peanut butter and jelly in my favorite bunny slippers.”

The sprite mumbled something I couldn’t make out.

“What was that?” Geezer yelled inches from the tiny fairy. “I couldn’t quite hear you. Must be all that crow yer eatin’.”

The spite’s eyes were squeezed shut. “I said screw you and the squirrel you rode in on, you shriveled up prune!” Blueberry shouted before curling back into a moaning ball.


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