Hard at work

Sina from Fairy Farts

Hey Fiction Fans,

What does my schedule look like? Write in the morning and promote my books in the afternoon. The rough draft of Fairy Farts is about 20% done. Evan is getting to know the other characters and cracking jokes along the way. The other main characters being two elves named Sina and Daric. Both are elf warriors who teach Evan about the world he finds himself in. One hates him the other finds him amusing. Guess which one is which.

The picture above is the stock image I’m using for Sina. Badass elf chick who has a big secret. Dun dun dun.

I’ve spent a lot of time revamping the front and back matter of The Burning Son series books. I’m a lot happier with the blurbs and taglines. This should help me reach more readers and sell more books. Yay!

Other than that, I’ve been making puns and training the new puppy. She requires a lot of attention so that she stops chasing the cat and learns the rules of her new home. There’s a picture of her on the Jasmine page on my website.

Until next week, stay stellar!


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