Someone is Destroying Planets

There is one being that runs our galaxy. She is known as the Neon Octopus Overlord, mostly because her name, Ttszooodjdeaaaarrr, is way too hard to pronounce. Those close to her just call her Soda. Running the galaxy is hard work. It leaves almost no time to watch her favorite TV shows. To help her out, she has a cadre of indentured servants, called Celestials, to do the grunt work. Kirian, Destroyer of Planets, is one of them.

When Kirian first took the job of being a Celestial, she thought it would be cool. I mean, travel the galaxy, meet new people, kill them, what could be cooler than that? She even got to chose her own name. But lately it hasn’t been the same. She keeps having black outs, and her boss, has been destroying whole planets, and she doesn’t know why. Perhaps if she started saving a few of the people she was supposed to kill, she might be able to figure it out…

L A Johnson weaves a fantastic tale of increasingly unlikely and outlandish scenarios.  If it seems insane, then they must be on the right path. If you like Douglas Adams, you’ll enjoy this humorous adventure as Kirian tries to figure out what it all means. What do a hacker who dreams of being a musician and a super smart desk jockey know that could be a threat to the many tentacled overload? The answer may kill them.

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