Kale Mary

James wants revenge. A freighter just crash landed on top of him. That’s fine for him. It’s not the first or last time he’ll die, but his parents were there. For them, death is permanent. Now he’s at the end of known space, fighting an enemy unlike any other: plants.

Things go from bad to worse when they’re forced to abandon ship. He’s stuck on a planet where every tree, flower, and grass wants him dead. They are more than able to do it, too. James will have to use all his wits to survive.

BV Larson serves up another salad of death and destruction in this wonderful sci fi series. From beginning to end, he’ll keep you guessing. Are the plants the real enemy, or is someone pulling their vines. It will all come down to a desperate gamble to survive: a Kale Mary pass to win or lose it all.

#bookreview #books #reading #bookworm #scifi


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