Not Dead Yet

James is in trouble. He can’t afford to go to college. When you live on Earth in 2099, that’s a big problem. To avoid abject poverty, he chooses the lesser to evils and joins a mercenary unit. He’ll become the best soldier he can be, even if it kills him. Unfortunately for him, it does. He’ll get the chance to do better next time. When his unit get sent to a planet nicknamed Steel World, the stakes will be more than his life. They’ll have to prove that Earth has the best soldiers in the galaxy. If not, it’s curtains for the entire human race.

Larson puts together a wonderful universe where it’s do or die, and dying is very inconvenient.  Sure you can be regrown, but in the game of planetary politics every mission could spell doom for humanity. Soldiers learn to rely on their fellow man, but what they have their own agenda? Larson’s characters have depth. Everyone has their own goals. Sometimes those goals go against James. Sometimes those goals could spell disaster for the human race. It’s action and danger around every corner. An excellent read.

#Scifi #bookreview #spaceopera #thleatherman #militaryscifi



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