In with a Bang

Ian is a magician with a head full of secrets. Secrets that can hurt him and his friends. Rayne knows there’s something off about Ian, but can’t put her finger on what it is. Her effort to uncover the truth brings her into mortal danger. Two magic wielding factions secretly struggle wipe the other out. One wants to protect the earth; the other wants dominate it.

Sue Duff weaves a wonderful story magic and mayhem. Her characters are complex and have their own agendas. Sometimes those goals align. Other times, not so much. They come together in a vivid universe that will keep you turning pages long into the night. An engaging story for readers of any age.

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Not Dead Yet

James is in trouble. He can’t afford to go to college. When you live on Earth in 2099, that’s a big problem. To avoid abject poverty, he chooses the lesser to evils and joins a mercenary unit. He’ll become the best soldier he can be, even if it kills him. Unfortunately for him, it does. He’ll get the chance to do better next time. When his unit get sent to a planet nicknamed Steel World, the stakes will be more than his life. They’ll have to prove that Earth has the best soldiers in the galaxy. If not, it’s curtains for the entire human race.

Larson puts together a wonderful universe where it’s do or die, and dying is very inconvenient.  Sure you can be regrown, but in the game of planetary politics every mission could spell doom for humanity. Soldiers learn to rely on their fellow man, but what they have their own agenda? Larson’s characters have depth. Everyone has their own goals. Sometimes those goals go against James. Sometimes those goals could spell disaster for the human race. It’s action and danger around every corner. An excellent read.

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The Burning Son Book Launch Party

Hey Everyone,

The much anticipated book launch party for The Burning Son will be at the Book Bar from 3:00 to 4:30 on December 10th. Wahoo! If you want to purchase a copy of the book in advance of the reading and signing, you can do so here. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you there. I’ve scheduled the launch party early in the day, since I know many of you have plans later in the evening. Perhaps even at the Book Bar. It will be an extra special celebration as it is also my birthday! Come help me celebrate!

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Epic Space Battles

Honor Harrington is having a bad life. She’s upset the wrong people and they’ve decided to make an example of her. They’ve put her on a relic of a ship, picketing a planet no one cares about, near a hostile neighboring star empire. Everything is about to come to a head. A lesser captain would ground up in the gears of war. That captain would not be Honor Harrington.

Weber’s naval battles are reminiscent of Nelson and Hornblower. If you’re a fan of military scifi, and you haven’t picked up this series, get out from under your rock and go get it. Weber writes in a highly descriptive style. He sets up the politics and background and then let’s the ordinance fly. Fair warning, once you start reading, you won’t want to stop.

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Steel Clad Scifi

Steel Clad Scifi

Aneka Jansen just woke up. This is pretty impressive considering she’s been dead for a thousand years. On top of that, her body is just a memory. An extinct alien race copied her into an android shell. Now she’ll have to adjust to life in the far future. Along the way, she’ll have to find out who she is now. Is she still human? What did the aliens want with her? She isn’t the only one. The humans of this new age must decide is she’s adrift in time, or a new threat from a long vanquished foe.

Niall Teasdale weaves an epic space opera with erotic overtones. When it come to sex charged stories, I’m a fan of well developed plots. Niall delivers. Aneka finds that her military extraction skills come n handy, even in this distant future. An excellent read for any scifi fan.

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Erik Cain joined the marines to get off of death row. Now he’s traveling the galaxy, meeting new people, and killing them. He has combat skills and a mission to bring rebellious colony worlds back into the fold. Now he’s starting to wonder if he’s on the right side. Earth gave him skills and powered armor, but is he serving his homeland, or it’s decadent political masters.

A great start to a long running series, Marines starts off the Crimson Worlds series with a bang. If you love military space opera, this will keep you entertained and asking for more!

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