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Mark is in trouble. His ship has been destroyed. Many of his friends are dead. He’s stranded on a planet controlled by vicious gangsters and he has a crew looking to him for the answers.

Perhaps if he was dealing with just one crime family, he could manage it, but several crime families have made him offers he can’t refuse. Accepting any of their deals means making an enemy of the other syndicates. They all want a piece of him, and there isn’t enough Mark to go around.

He’s a pawn in a high stakes game. One false move and his quest to save his father will meet a grizzly end.

About The Burning Son Series

This fast-paced military science fiction adventure. If you enjoy non-stop action with mystery, humor, and surprise twists – this series is for you.

What Readers are Saying:

“Space-bear storm troopers, star pirates, femme fatale cyborgs, and lost princes and princesses add up to fun for genre readers in search of diversion.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Burning Son is a great mix of rich characters, classic science fiction and a nice dash of humor. Burning Son is a great first in a hopefully a long series.” – Jamie McFarlane– author of The Rookie Privateer series

“Burning Son is filled with complex, endearing characters that have real problems and real emotions, set in a vividly realized universe.” – Bonnie Ramthun – author of the Ellen Reed Mysteries Series

“The twists are unexpected in this riveting odyssey, and the ending will make you hunger for the next adventure in the series.” – Linnea Tanner – author of the Curse of Clansman and Kings series