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An Elf by Another Name

The latest Mis-Spelled Excerpt

Curious, I opened the bag and peered inside. It was filled with a bunch of metal items that looked like jacks. All that was missing was a rubber ball. “You want me to play games with him?”

“Games?” Millow frowned. “Honey, those are caltrops. Hill giants don’t wear shoes.”

“Oh.” Okay, that was new. I pulled out one of the spiky things and set it on the counter. I could tell no matter how it landed, at least two sharp points would be sticking upward. “They’re like suped up Legos. But if I throw them, they’ll be gone, and I’ll be Lego-less.”


“Legolas. Famous elf?”

“Never heard of him.”

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a husband

The latest Mis-Spelled excerpt

It’s not all fun and games, the story does have some serious parts.

“That will hold for a while,” I said whipping the mortar dust from my hands. “Your husband should have no trouble patching that hole, now.” I said pointing at the sky through a hole in the thatched roof.

Winnue approached with a platter of bacon strips. She smiled, but the edges of her lips twitched nervously. “Yes. When he comes back. Soon.” She said haltingly.

I glanced at Sina, who was a step behind her and it was obvious we were thinking the same thing. I returned my attention to elven farmer. “Winnue, how long has your husband been coming back soon?” I asked softly.

The smile fractured as Winnue dropped the platter. It hit the corner of the table and shattered sending bacon and plate bits in all directions across the dirt floor. She burst into tears and hugged herself, her eyes pleading for forgiveness. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” she sniffled.

Sina and I rushed to her side. Winnue collapsed into us as we settled on the bench seat.