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Twin Sons – The Burning Son Book 4

Wahoo! Twin Sons is ready for release.

Fresh from the battle of Aspen, Mark Martin returns to find his people in turmoil. Sara, his first officer and girlfriend, is missing, and with her his ship The Queen Nephanie. It’s a race against time to save the woman he loves and his ship from pirate clutches. But back home, his enemies are not sitting idle. The crafty Senator Wayne has been moving behind the scenes. He’s got a plan to seize power which spells bad news for Mark.

Mark will need a little help from his friends, if he is to have any chance to save the galaxy from the Erethizon menace.

Space marines, pirates, deadly assassins, epic space battles, cute fuzzy aliens, evil spiky aliens, pickpockets, political intrigue, and one pint sized mystic that won’t take no for an answer.

Twin Sons: Available tomorrow on Amazon!


Cover Real Time!

Twin Sons – Coming Soon

Hey Guys!
Whaddya think? Pretty neat, huh? All green and spooky with a planet in the background. What planet is it? Where is Mark going this time? What challenges await and what diabolical schemes must he unravel this time. Dun, dun, dun! 

As of right now, Twin Sons is still slated for an October 1st release date. (Yes, I’m well aware that I’m running out of time, believe me!)

After discussing plotlines with my beta readers, I discovered that what was going to happen to Sara in Twin Sons didn’t resonate well with them. It’s safe to say that she has a rough time of it, but it’s an excellent opportunity for her to grow and get stronger. So, I changed the events leading up to her big scene. I have to admit, even I like it better this way. She gets the opportunity to be heroic and save the day. (Go Sara!)