Cover reveal next week

Hey Guys, Editing is close to being done. My cover artist and I are finalizing details. Next week, I’ll reveal the cover of the next book to you. This week I’m outlining the next book in the Burning Son series and finishing edits for Cat’s Tale. Cat’s Tale is the urban fantasy story available only to my Patreon patrons. You can check out the first chapter for free here:

Cat’s Tale: Chapter 1


Cat’s Tale Chapter 12 is up

Hey Fiction Fans, If you’re one of my Patreon patrons, the next chapter of Cat’s Tale is up. If you just want to see those chapter posts, you can use the #catstale button on the left side to sort out all the chapters. I hope you enjoy it! This week, Jonathan send his thugs out to kidnap Jessica. What do they know? How will they find her? How will Jake and Victor keep Uncle in line?

Cat’s Tale Chapter 12

Final stages

Burning Son 3 is with the beta readers. I’m already getting good feedback for the final edits. I’m also working with the cover artist to get the right cover for the book. The sketches are looking good and we’re making tweaks for the final design. Son Rise is coming along nicely and I can’t wait to get it out to you.