Writing words

Hey guys,

I’m busy writing words on the third book in the Burning Son series. The tentative title is Eclipse of the Son. I’m in chapter four and already it is an action packed, thrill a minute, page turner. I can’t wait to get it out to you.

To everyone who has read books one and two, thank you! Also, thank you for all the nice reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. The more reviews I get, the faster I write. Your comments good, bad, or indifferent really keep me going.





Marque of the Son – Now available for purchase!

Mark Martin needs a ship. He and his crew are marooned on a world controlled by vicious gangsters and a corrupt military. If Mark is to have any hope saving his father, he’ll have to deal with them. The price is high and it’s more than his life at stake, it’s the lives of everyone he cares about. Caught between ruthless criminals and bloodthirsty aliens Mark takes a desperate gamble. Will they survive, or be the latest casualties in a galaxy wide war.

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