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Usually I’m a pirate, but trying something different this year.

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A Playful Romp

High school is over, now what? For Alex, it’s community college to try and figure out what he wants to do with his life. Photography class? That’s a way to meet cute girls. Searching for the right image to impress leads him to a cemetery at night. The very night a cultist is performing a ritual sacrifice. Alex stops it, but at what cost? Now, with a sexy angel and demon magically bound to him, girls are the least of his worries. They each must figure out how to reconcile their new lives with their old ones. They’ll have to figure it out fast, because the cultist had friends. Those friends will do anything to get their hands on Alex.


Good Intentions is an Urban Fantasy novel with Erotica leanings. I say Erotica leanings because it is very much a plot driven story. Unlike many stories I’ve seen where the plot serves only to get the charters to their next tryst, Good Intentions is well put together. The Erotica accents the story and not the other way around. A playful romp through an urban fantasy landscape, Elliott Kay does a great job of creating a believable world filled with angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, and things that go bump in the night. A thoroughly enjoyable read.




Not an Illusion

Not an Illusion

What? TH Leatherman reviewing Clive Cussler? I enjoy good sci-fi, but I also enjoy a good adventure novel. Who better to review than one of the masters of this genre.

Juan Cabrillo and the corporation have been called to service again. This time we have a Tesla twist on the story. The Oregon and her crew are back to solve the problem. A tramp freighter that perpetually looks like it’s about to fall apart. A crew of specialists hiding just out of view ready to handle whatever the mission needs. The Oregon files is known for tactics, gadgets, and trickery and this book delivers. We start with a Russian prison break and just keep going. Page after page of action, action, action.

If you’re looking for an action/spy thriller, I highly suggest you pick up Mirage.


The Burning Son

Wahoo! Hello all you Science Fiction fans! The Burning Son is now available for download on Amazon.
Pilot Mark Martin must flee his home world of Yale when the Erethizon theocracy overwhelms the defenses. His father, an influential senator, is captured. Now Mark must find a way to save his dad before the resistance is crushed, and with it, all hope of ending the occupation. A chance encounter with a smuggler captain may be his only hope. Will they help, or will the crew sell him to the alien invaders?

Run to the bookstore

YA sci-fi, a vibrant universe, a coming of age story. Mason Elliott spins a wonderful tale of a teen girl, who wants nothing more than to live up to her parent’s legacy. Like all good stories, what Nearo wants and what she needs are two different things. There’s a secret living inside her. An alien database that holds vast knowledge. Is it a boon, or a curse?

An action packed start to a good series. I enjoyed reading it and readily gobbled up the rest of the series. There’s a lot of mystery and intrigue. Many times you don’t know who the good guys and bad guys are. Everyone has their own agenda, which always makes for good fiction. An excellent read.